SDN represents a revolutionary technology for smoothly transforming several transport networks into a single end-to-end fully automated network. SDN controller eliminates the dependencies generated by proprietary network management systems, resulting in fostering the right environment for real multivendor solution.

A centralised entity, an SDN controller, communicates with network elements, applications and higher hieratical layers using standard info-models and interfaces. In this way an operator can program, control and manage network resources directly, facilitating all the operations involved from design to network operation, exploiting the best of breed of each layer or technology involved. 



SM-DC is the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA domain controller that manages and coordinates any Network Elements under its responsibility (via netconf or proprietary SNMP/FTP). SM-DC discovers the microwave network topology and the existing services, offering service provisioning in the managed area interfacing with the Hierarchical Controller HCO. The HCO only sees the available resources in terms of ports, latency and capacity, without being exposed to the underlying architecture complexity of the network.

SM-DC manages API, interfaces and NE database access that are provided as resource to the SDN applications.





Furthermore SM-DC allows for all the FCAPS functionalities today present in the NMS5 application, offering service continuity from today’s architecture to the SDN paradigm.


SDN Applications

SDN applications represent a strong asset for operators to address the whole network indistinctively of the hardware and vendors. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA as a specialist in microwave radio technology has developed a set of applications to specifically address the microwave radio network in its completeness offering therefore to the operator the extra tools to evaluate, understand and react to the network behavior pushing optimization and performances to a new level.



Smart Reporting

Flexible data selection to design the customized report
to be generated, graphical customizable dashboard
charts to visualize network status and
dynamic and configurable data collection




Audit and

Mismatch analysis between planning
information vs deployed configuration of
microwave links



Increase ethernet bandwidth
removing unused reserved TDM
capacity and optimizing the
used E1 in the connection matrix



Performance Analytics

 Optimize network performances with microwave
KPIs over long observation periods

Automated Link

Reduce on site time for
installation and commissioning



Smart Firmware

Zero operator intervention for
Network Software Download

Energy Efficiency

Reduce power consumption
switching off ODUs when drops
traffic below the threshold



Maintenance (AI/ML)

Network optimization
Fault root cause analysis and preventive maintenance
Network capacity forecasting




Advantage of artificial intelligence

The benefit of AI/ML automation applied to an SDN MW backhaul network for past performance, real time troubleshooting and future behavioral prediction.




Video Resources

AI and Mobile Backhauling



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