The next generation ultra-high capacity microwave solution

ALFOplus2 full outdoor solution offers 2Gbps uncompressed guaranteed throughput, offering operators the highest capacity delivery in the most compact size with zero indoor footprint. This best TCO solution, operating in the standard licensed frequency bands, is field proven in many LTE and LTE-A networks as well as being adopted in private network and Internet Service Providers (ISP) for its extreme versatility.

Why using ALFOplus2 RF multicore solution

  • 10Gbps traffic port
  • First full outdoor solution supporting 4096QAM modulation scheme
  • First full outdoor supporting two channels at 80/112MHz in single ODU
  • Highest capacity full outdoor solution, 2Gbps uncompressed in a single ODU
  • Standard licensed frequency bands from 6 to 42GHz
  • Integrated 2+0 Xpic configuration for maximum compactness
  • Integrated branching, single item to site
  • Single 2,5Gbps Ethernet connectivity when connected to AGS20
  • Supports legacy services while connected to the AGS20
  • AES 128/256 Traffic Encryption
  • Field proven solution in private and mobile backhaul networks
  • Multi carrier aggregation - hybrid link (read more)


    SM-OS based platform

  • MEF 2.0 – Carrier Ethernet Services
  • IP/MPLS – L2/L3 VPN Services
  • Synch and phase distribution according to ITU standard

      The most flexible dual core solution, offering the benchmark for channel arrangements and uncompressed throughput
      Liaising over ALFOplus2 state of the art technology, offers a single carrier high power solution.


      Read Press Released of EOLO deployment


      ALFOplus2 leaflet


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