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SIAE MICROELETTRONICA and SM OPTICS will participate in the second edition of Lario Space, an international event dedicated to Italian innovations and technologies in the New Space Economy sector, sponsored by ASI, the Lombardy Region and ENEA, with the support of the Defense, the Italian Trade Agency and of ESA, in collaboration with Telespazio.

The two-day Como Como event, organized by Involve Space, will take place on 23 and 24 April and will see the presence of over three hundred Italian and foreign experts, including representatives of institutions and space agencies, start-ups and specialized companies and scientific communicators who they will meet in the splendid setting of the Lario Space Center.

The program includes a series of talks, interactive workshops and networking sessions, with the aim of encouraging dialogue between participants, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and the start of collaborations. An area dedicated to stands will also be set up to facilitate meetings between entrepreneurs, professionals and stakeholders in the sector.

“We will have the opportunity to highlight the potential of our company in an area, the aerospace one, in which we are already active with studies, projects and applications of our technology – explains Piero Coassini, Director of the R&D Area of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA - In the exhibition stand we will present our portfolio of wireless and optical equipment and services, as well as the solutions of High Tech Services division".

Any examples? “Of great prestige – continues Maurizio,  HIGH TECH SERVICES Business Unit  Director – is the recent acquisition of an approval order with Chip & Wire technology for the National Institute of Nuclear Physics which commissioned us to create a prototype and produce matrices for double mirror astronomical telescopes, called Schwarzschild-Couder Telescopes (SCT), within the “Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)” experiment, an international project of great importance, involving countries and researchers from all over the world. The experiment will reveal gamma rays of astrophysical origin of very high energy."

On the R&D side, our company has been participating in European aerospace projects financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for some years now. It is developing an antenna that will allow the irradiated beam to be automatically and electronically aligned towards the Earth station, without the need to physically move the satellite. The positive impact of this solution is notable and will have interesting implications in the world of aerospace telecommunications. First, energy savings as mechanical movers on the satellite or realignment maneuvers with waste of fuel will be avoided. 

In Space, where cost and weight play a role of primary importance, the development of new generation transmitters and antennas can be the enabler for new and futuristic frontiers in the world of satellite telecommunications.

In September we will be present at the European Microwave Week in Paris – concludes Alessandro Fonte, member of the Technical staff of SIAE MICROELETTONICA – where specifically the developments of an antenna array for electronic alignment will be shown with the related development of the components integrated into state of the art, and the detailed results of a recently concluded work whose objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of a solid state power amplifier for satellite communications up to 5000 km".

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